Bridges Institute for Public Policy

   Bridges Institute for Public Policy seeks to build relationships among churches in the Diaspora by exposing them to the wider global community. Bridges seeks to enhance the ministries of churches by creating a sense of awareness of the churches' power to influence public policy and social change in their communities. An important component of the Public Policy Institute is the Bridges Public Policy Think Tank, which provides critical resource, information sharing, data and problem solving from a church perspective. It brings together church leaders, academicians, economists, social scientists, theologians, community and civic leaders in focus groups from around the world. These focus groups reflect and share successful local models, and develop concrete action plans on how to change the conditions of poverty, marginalization and economic distress that affect the global community today. Bridges also provides hospitality as a venue for advocacy  and education, where successful models and action plans are shared with governments and governmental officials,  to insure that there is a collective voice of influence to promote the goals, objectives and concerns of the Diaspora.