Bridges Institute of Environmental Health and Well Being.

   Bridges Institute of Environmental Health and Well Being seeks to draw the connection between the environment and health. The Institute through its research and development program challenges the churches in the Diaspora to clarify their relationship with the Creator. The Institute organizes focus groups, training sessions, and theological and educational discussion groups on the relationship between the environment, sustainability and peace with justice. The Institute also explores the uniqueness of churches in the Diaspora and their understanding of environmental justice as a health issue. It also seeks to create an awareness of the effects of global warming and climate change on the health and well being of  individuals in the Diaspora by exploring the connection of global warming with poverty, wars, natural catastrophe, and capacity building in the global south. The Institute brings together theologians, scientists, social activists religious leaders and grassroots people to dialogue, develop strategies, plan actions and create models of sustainability which protect the environment and create an international community of peace with justice.