Bridges Institute for Education Strategies Initiative.

   Bridges Institute for Education Strategies Initiative seeks to create a new paradigm in theological education. It also seeks to create social awareness by bridging praxis with theological discourse through personal exposure, personal experiences and international dialogue and networking. The Institute seeks to bring together international theologians, educators, community and social activists, church leaders, youth and grassroots organizers from the  Diaspora, to engage in theological dialogue and promote educational and social advocacy initiatives. The Institute is comprised of an international education center without walls. This center develops policy recommendations, through symposiums, research studies, academic excellence, and scholarship. It also explores successful models of social change through the development of linkages to the common struggles of  peoples. Through the vehicle of team visits, hospitality encounters, and exchange programs, the Institute provides creative opportunities for partnerships with educational institutions, churches, and business, through which solutions to common issues are explored and innovative solutions, are found.