BRIDGES(Building Reconciliation in International Development and Global Education Strategies.)

Mission Statement: Bridges seeks to promote reconciliation among different peoples, cultures, traditions, races, religions and nations by providing opportunities for international exchanges, education and advocacy.

 Bridges is an organization which networks with churches, ecumenical agencies, interfaith organizations, educational institutions, labor unions, government agencies, and civic and community organizations to build reconciliation by exploring creative and innovative models of international development and global education strategies throughout the Diaspora. Bridges is a multi-faceted approach to capacity building, education, advocacy, hospitality, networking and strategic marketing among churches. It  assists churches in their efforts to build  their capacity to eliminate poverty, combat racism and xenophobia, cultural bias and religious intolerance. Through the development of creative models and strategies that promote educational awareness of the linkages between peace with justice, reconciliation, and global conflict and war. Bridges provides networking and marketing resources to churches facing internal, local and national conflict situations.